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101+ Tabaxi Names For Dungeons And Dragons

Tabaxi is a cat race from the famous roleplaying game, Dungeons and Dragons. Their names are typically related to nature, clan history, or astrology. Tabaxi are warrior cats who are skilled in combat. Tabaxi are feline humanoids with a lot of curiosity, like cats, but they have strong, intelligent minds. Here are some of the best Tabaxi names to use during your next game of Dungeons and Dragons:

Tabaxi Names For Girls

Instead of using a free Tabaxi name generator when trying to create a character, you can check out this list of female names below! Here are some Tabaxi names for girls you should save to look at later:

Citlali. This is a Nahuatl name, meaning “star”.

Edge of World. This is an Edge name for someone that has traveled around the world.

Illary. This name, with a Quechua origin, means “rainbow”.

Itotia. This name, with an Aztec origin, means “dance”.

Necahual. This name, with a Nahuatl origin, means “survivor”.

Ohtli. This name has an Aztec origin. It means “road”.

Trail of Dragons. This is a Trail name for someone who has overpowered dragons in a battle.

Windy Shore. This is a name for someone who has settled on a beach.

Xpiayoc. This name, with a Mayan origin, means “mysterious”.

Zyanya. This name, with a Nahuatl origin, means “forever”.

Tabaxi Names For Boys

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Make sure to pick your names before sitting down at the DND table. Here are some random Tabaxi name for boys:

Amoxtli. This name, with a Nahuatl origin, means “book”.

Emerald of Winter. This is an Emerald name for a winter-born Tabaxi.

Eztli. This name, with a Nahuatl origin, means “blood”.

Gale of Storm. This is a Gale name for a fierce warrior.

Great Thunder. This is a Tabaxi name for someone who possesses a magical sword.

Pishoy. This name, with a Coptic origin, means “high” or “elevated”.

Serpent of Claws. This Claws name is meant for a warrior who defeated a fearsome serpent.

Tepin. This name, with a Nahuatl origin, means “little one”.

Tochtlee. This name, with an Aztec origin, means “rabbit”.

Tupac. This name, with a Quechua origin, means “royal”.

Gender Neutral Tabaxi Names

In games and in life, gender-neutral names work great for anyone! Here are some unisex Tabaxi names:

Ailbe. This name, with an Irish origin, means “white”.

Coszcatl. This name, with a Nahuatl origin, means “jewel”.

Eirnin. This name, with an Irish origin, means “iron”.

Manauia. This name, with a Nahuatl origin, means “defend”.

Nimble Paws. This is a name for a fast warrior.

Spring Blossom. This name is meant for a Tabaxi living in a forest of blossoms.

Xipil. This name, with a Nahuatl origin, means “noble one, of fire”.

Yaotl. This name, with an Aztec origin, means “warrior”.

Tabaxi Names Inspired By Myths and Legends

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Tabaxi names are hard to come up with from scratch. If your mind is a blank canvas, here are some names like the ones found in myths and legends:

Ammit. This is a name with an Ancient Egyptian origin. It means “devoured of the dead”.

Atlacoya. This female name, with an Aztec origin, represents the Aztec goddess of drought.

Coatlicue. This female name, with a Nahuatl origin, means “serpent skirt”.

Ixchel. This female name, with a Mayan origin, means “rainbow lady”, the Mayan Goddess of the moon.

Meztli. This name, with a Nahuatl origin, means “moon”.

Nekomata. This name, with a Japanese origin, is a kind of supernatural cat from Japanese folklore.

Ningal. This female name, with a Sumerian origin, means “great lady”.

Quetzalcoatl. This male name, with a Nahuatl origin, means “feather serpent”.

Tepeyollotl. This male name, with a Nahuatl origin, means “of the earth”.

Tezcatlipoca. This male name, with a Nahuatl origin, means “smoking mirror”.

Vidar. This male name, with a Norse origin, means “warrior of woods”.

Werejaguar. This name, with an Olmec origin, means “man-jaguar”. This is an Olmec supernatural entity.

Birdsong. This is a female Tabaxi bard who lived in Chult.

Chioptl. This is a Tabaxi living in southern Maztica.

Flask of Wine. This is a Tabaxi jungle guide.

River Mist. This is a Tabaxi guide to jungles of Chult.

Two Llamas Running. This is the name of a Tabaxi swashbuckler from Maztica.

More Tabaxi Names

Tabaxi names aren’t easy to make. Here are some more Tabaxi names:

Wing of an Angel

Tranquil Berry

Belly of a Beast

Peak of Mountains

Rope in a Knot

Swift Path

Silent Guest

Secret Riddle

Emerald String

Bold Trail

Four-Leaf Clover

Defiant Wish

Six Thunder

Blossoms in Summer

Hearty Snowflake

Defiant Shore

Bird Feather

Flame of Passion Beauty of Summer

Jewel of the Mountain

Wonder of the World

Glow of the Sun

Autumn Harvest

Hidden Treasure

True Clover

Arctic Dust

Subtle River

Quiet Tome

Flickering Fire

Blazing Fire

Gentle Peak

Call of the Owl

Steady Rock

Lightning After Thunder

Silent Thrill

Ancient Sea

Funny Tabaxi Names

Tabaxi names don’t have to be serious! Here are some funny Tabaxi names:

Dances With Mice

Sleeps Too Much

Roars Like a Lion

Constant Purrs

Cookie Hearth

Not an Underdog

Fur of the Dark

Always Eats a Lot

Climbing Claws

Flickering Fire Eyes

Only Nine Lives

Too Many Whiskers

Fish Bait

Tabaxi Clan Names

Here are some more Tabaxi names you can use for clans!

The Misty Lagoon Clan. This is a clan who lives near a misty lagoon.

The Night Shadow Clan. This clan is filled with invisible Tabaxi who come out only when it is dark.

The Tranquil Caverns Clan. This is a peaceful clan that lives in the mountain caverns, isolated from others.

The Twisting Willow Clan. This clan is suitable for the Tabaxi who live on an island full of twisted willow trees.

The Wandering Mist Clan. This is a clan that wanders in the misty wild forests.

The Fertile Wilds Clan

The Lone Woodlands Clan

The Growing Torrent Clan

The Ascending Glade Clan

The Fading Desert Clan

The Little Forests Clan

The Tranquil Peak Clan

The Radiant Grotto Clan

The Awoken Forest Clan

The Bleak Fjord Clan

The Dreary Creeks Clan

The Mountain Crags Clan

The Misty Swamps Clan

The Chilly Islands Clan

The Tumbling Bluffs Clan

The Bleak Grotto Clan

The Elder Lake Clan

The Flickering Isle Clan

The Dry Marsh Clan

The Changing Mist Clan

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