How Each Zodiac Sign Handled Their Hardest Breakup

How Each Zodiac Sign Handled Their Hardest Breakup


You jumped into another relationship with someone completely wrong for you because you didn’t want to be alone. Plus, you wanted to prove to yourself you could still get laid and wanted to make your ex jealous as hell.


You spent months crying over them. You watched sad movies and listened to songs that made you think of them. And you wouldn’t shut up about them with your friends. They were the only thing you could think about until your heart started to heal.


You started sleeping around with anyone who seemed interested in you. You jumped from bed to bed in order to forget about your ex. You hoped enough orgasms would make you feel better about losing someone who meant so much to you.


You locked yourself in your room. You stopped going out with friends. Worse, you stopped taking care of your hair and your nails and your clothes. You spent most of your time in bed, unless you were forced to go to school or work.


You social media stalked them and anyone they hung out with for months. Every time they posted a picture with someone else, you would learn their whole life story. Your jealousy was out of control. You compared yourself to every single person they could possibly date after you.


You threw yourself into your work. You stopped giving a damn about relationships and decided you were better off trying to achieve your dreams. You kept yourself distracted by keeping busy. You were always at the office, even when you weren’t getting paid overtime.


You tried to ‘glow up.’ You started taking better care of your mental and physical health. You put more effort into learning what made you happy. You went on a mission to prove you could be fulfilled without a relationship — and you were right.


You traveled. You saw as much of the world as possible — but it was mostly because you couldn’t take being in the same town where you got your heart broken. You needed to leave. You couldn’t risk running into your ex again.


You started partying nonstop. You went out with friends every night and got to know the best bars in town. You tried to distract yourself by surrounding yourself by other people. You hoped their happiness would rub off on you.


You completely closed off your heart. You swore you would never get into a relationship again. You pushed away anyone else who developed feelings for you because you thought caring too much would only cause you pain.


You got addicted to something new — whether it was a television show, a hobby, or actual alcohol. Your obsession distracted you from your problems, for at least a little while. It gave you an escape so you didn’t have to feel your worst feelings.


You started trying to fix everyone else’s problems. You did whatever you could to take care of your family and friends so you wouldn’t have to take care of yourself. Their issues distracted you from your own — and you felt like you were doing something good in the process. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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