Sagittarius Man: Good Traits, Bad Traits, Love and Sex

According to astrology, if you were born between November 22 to December 21, you are a Sagittarius. The Sagittarius zodiac sign is symbolized by a bow and arrow, or, the archer. This sun sign is considered to be a centaur: half man, half horse. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck, fortune, philosophy, and truth. As a fire sign, Sagittarius is enthusiastic about life and extroverted. Their personality is intense! As a mutable sign, Sagittarius is adaptive and flexible, but also quite careless and inconsistent too. They are intense, energetic, and dedicated beings. They are free spirits who cannot stand routine.

Let’s learn more about the Sagittarius man personality traits, his likes/dislikes, and the way this archer acts in love and with his friends.

man holding composite bow

Sagittarius Man General Traits

The Sagittarius man is very fun-loving, energetic, and adventurous. He is very courageous, wanting to explore and try everything and anything. He has an enthusiasm for life and the world! Sagittarius will try his best to keep the mood light. Sagittarius is typically considered the “fun friend” of the group, turning the most mundane evening into something unforgettable and exciting.

When it comes to his career, this sun sign needs something that gives him flexibility and freedom. When he feels like he’s being suffocated told what to do, he will rebel. He doesn’t like anyone who is in a position of authority not only because he enjoys his freedom, but also because he always believes he’s right. Sagittarius men are very confident, which could sometimes be depicted as cockiness. The Sagittarius man is so sure of himself and what he believes in and will make sure you know where he’s at. He is very blunt and will say very hurtful things in an argument in order to win, and he will be very confident that he will win.

Sagittarius Man Bad Traits

While the Sagittarius man will be very flirty and charming, it’s not always with genuine intentions. He will constantly want attention from others because he wants his ego to be fed. Narcissism is one of his worst qualities. He wants to be admired and appreciated and would prefer it to be by a bunch of people rather than just one person. Like most fire signs, he wants everyone to be paying attention to him and to be praising him. 

The Sagittarius man is also very blunt. Although it can be good that he’s honest – since he has no reason to lie – it can be a bit hurtful. He has no filter and will say anything, at any time, no matter who it might hurt. If you want someone who will tell it like it is, the Sagittarian will be that person for you. Sagittarius men tend to be reckless and careless too. Emotionally, he won’t take note of others’ feelings and won’t fully commit to friendships and relationships. Financially, he will handle his money poorly simply because he doesn’t like any kind of long-term investment.

Sagittarius Man Good Traits

Sagittarius men are very energetic and adventurous beings, in search of the truth and wisdom of the world. Since he is ruled by Jupiter, he deeply values knowledge, learning, and philosophy. He wants to be surrounded by other people, forming connections and learning new things. Optimistic and energetic, he is the type to want to live life to its fullest. He would prefer experiences to money or an expensive gift.

The Sagittarius male is pretty good at conversation, always wanting to know about and discuss different opinions, ideas, and world views. He will give advice if asked for it too (though most of the time it might be a bit too honest and harsh for someone’s liking). He’s just a fun person to be around. There is exciting energy to the Sagittarius sign that influences others to want to have just as much fun as he’s having.

Sagittarius Man in Love

Sagittarius men are very confident. Or rather, cocky. They aren’t afraid of rejection and will definitely be the ones to make the first move. They won’t pine for someone from afar — they will approach you and try to get to know you. However, just because they might be flirting with you doesn’t necessarily mean they are interested in a serious romantic relationship. In fact, they could flee from any potential commitment. He is the type of man to lead people on and only keep them around for an ego boost.

The Sagittarius man likes to be independent in every aspect of his life, especially in relationships. So if he’s flirting with you, it might not be too genuine. In love, he won’t respond well to clingy behavior. He needs his personal space. If he feels like his partner is taking away his freedom, he will close off his heart and walk away.

Sagittarius Man in Sex

Sex with a Sagittarius man will be fun and exciting. He will love sex and trying new things in the bedroom. There is magnetic energy to him, with his confident attitude and fun-loving characteristics, and he is the kind of guy to attract anyone and everyone. He is very confident in himself and what he’s capable of, including sex. It’s all about flirtation, lust, and physical attraction.

The Sagittarius man could be the type of guy to have more than one lover at one time. Or, he just jumps around to different partners. He likes the chase and being able to explore and play around with new people. He will appreciate an intense, fleeting affair and all its excitement and challenges. However, when the Sagittarius man is in a relationship, he will be very passionate in bed. He will be a generous lover who genuinely wants his partner to have a pleasurable experience. Don’t expect him to cuddle and talk about his feelings afterwards, though.

Dating a Sagittarius Man

At the beginning of a relationship with a Sagittarius man, he will appreciate the chase. He is self-sufficient and capable of getting the things he wants the most in life, even a potential partner. He is not the kind of man to hold back. He will be very blunt with his words and actions. He does not match well with someone who is very sensitive or who doesn’t understand the kind of personality he has.

The Sagittarius man is more of a physical lover rather than an emotional one. His perfect match is someone who can understand that and how he expresses his emotions. He wants someone who looks at love as an adventure just as much as he does. His dream date is doing something adventurous or mentally stimulating, like hiking, playing a sport, or doing a trivia night at a bar. He wants someone who will be as independent as he is, too.

Trust With a Sagittarius Man

With the Sagittarius man’s mutable quality, he tends to be a bit free-flowing. He’s not the most reliable person just because he’s so inconsistent and always looking for the next new thing to occupy his time. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s not trustworthy. When it comes to honesty in the relationship or friendship, he is faithful to his actions and words, but not with his emotional affection. He will most likely pick you up at the airport, but won’t talk about his feelings and won’t appreciate anyone trying to get him to.

Sagittarius men assume everything is going to turn out okay and tend to ignore any problems that arise until it is too late. Unfortunately, since they always try to keep their good mood going and aren’t great at planning ahead, sometimes they can come across as careless and unreliable. They aren’t the best person to run to in an emergency.

Understanding a Sagittarius Man

To understand the Sagittarius man is to understand the characteristics that make him who he is, especially his courage and independence. Fire signs, like Sagittarius, aren’t really in tune with the emotional aspect of life. It’s not in the personality of this zodiac sign to want to settle down in a relationship. He’s more of a casual guy who is overly confident in his flirting abilities. He likes attention just as much as he likes his space.

This zodiac sign loves to explore new places, especially if he can do it alone. He loves being independent and maintaining his own personal space and will confidently jump from one idea, place, or person to the next. Sagittarius is a seeker of truth. He is very open to anything that can fulfill his thirst for knowledge, truth, and traveling. He is always in search of the truth and wisdom of the world. He will want his friends and partners to understand his qualities. Anyone who tries to tie him down or push him around will immediately end up on his bad side.

Sagittarius Man Likes and Dislikes

The Sagittarius man likes adventure. He wants a partner and friend who wants to go into nature on hikes or camping trips or to a beautiful city somewhere across the world. It’s that sense of freedom–and even a sense of danger–that he craves and loves. Sagittarius men also like to entertain. Karaoke, open mic comedy sessions — he will love to be the center of attention. The spotlight is his friend. He is a pretty optimistic man with an enthusiasm for life. They believe life is too short to be unhappy and will enjoy being a source of entertainment for others.

The Sagittarius man does not like to sit still. He is always on the move or wanting to be on the move, going somewhere and doing something. That irritability comes from the nature of his mutable quality, and he can be a bit inconsistent and reckless with that behavior. He also does not like to be pushed around or insulted. With his fire energy, he is prone to having a bad temper, especially if someone is rude to him or pushes him around. He doesn’t like being told what to do or having to take on responsibilities.

Sagittarius Man Behavior

Sagittarius men tend to have an intense and dedicated personality. This zodiac sign is very competitive and will do anything to achieve success. If a Sagittarius wants to have more money flowing in or wants to have a successful career, they will do whatever they need to do to attract that. If they want to go on a date with a certain person, they will approach them and ask them out, with all the confidence in the world. With the Jupiter ruling, with luck on their side, they tend to be pretty successful in their endeavors in life. The Sagittarius is not the type of man to sit back and relax and wait for things to come to him — he goes out and gets it.

Sagittarius men make for pretty good friends. However, they are not necessarily reliable friends. They are generous and willing to help others, but they can be a bit reckless with those decisions to help. They will have a hard time fulfilling commitments and promises. Ask him for advice, and he will give it, but it will be quite blunt and brutal. Don’t expect a Sagittarius to tiptoe around your feelings. As a romantic partner, this man might not be the best simply because he enjoys his freedom and not talking about his feelings. If you’re dating a Sagittarius, expect him to want sex and adventure more than developing an emotional connection.

January Nelson is a writer, editor, and dreamer. She writes about astrology, games, love, relationships, and entertainment. January graduated with an English and Literature degree from Columbia University.