What Each Zodiac Sign Does To Slowly Distance Themselves From Someone

What Each Zodiac Sign Does To Slowly Distance Themselves From Someone


They send one-word texts. Or take forever to reply to messages instead of replying within seconds.


They say they’re too busy to hang out or grab dinner or talk on the phone. They act like their schedule is jam-packed all of a sudden and never make backup plans.


They stop acting affectionate with hugs and high fives and cheek kisses. They act cold and unapproachable when they’ve never been that way before.


They stop reaching out first. They only respond if someone texts them or asks them to make plans. Otherwise, they’re completely silent.


They completely drop off the grid. They don’t answer messages and they dodge the other person in public.


They mute (or unfollow) the other person on social media. They cleanse their timeline so this person is out of sight and out of mind.


They stop sending holiday and happy birthday messages. They give the silent treatment until they cannot take it anymore. Then they come clean.


They always act like they’re running late and have no time to talk. They keep every conversation as short as possible.


They remove the person from their close friends on Instagram and end their Snap streaks.


They act super serious in every conversation. They won’t crack a smile or laugh in the hopes of ending the conversation faster.


They start hanging out with other people. They make sure they’re seen with a different group.


They stop going to the same parties and bars as this other person. They do their best to keep their distance. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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