Leo and Leo

Leo and Leo: Friendship and Love Compatibility

Leo and Leo compatibility falls somewhere in the middle. These couples will have a lot in common, but they will also have plenty of arguments. In order for two Leos to make a relationship work, they need to work on their trust issues. They need to commit to one another and stay loyal to one another. They cannot allow their jealousy to ruin the relationship.

Leo and Leo Compatibility



Leo is a fire sign ruled by the sun. They are represented by a lion because they are fierce and courageous. Leos are natural-born leaders. They don’t like to follow rules and have issues with authority. Leos would much rather take charge. They assume they’re always right and know best. Leos are confident, but they can come across as arrogant and cocky. They are also stubborn. Since they always think their way is the best way, they won’t compromise. They are great team leaders, but they aren’t great team players.

Personality traits of a Leo Sun Sign

Leos are passionate, energetic, and determined. Once they set their minds on something, they won’t back down. Giving up isn’t an option for them because they aren’t afraid of failure. They don’t let mistakes or setbacks ruin their confidence. They have high expectations for themselves and set huge goals. Leos are also warm, generous, and big-hearted. They will help anyone in need. Unfortunately, sometimes they will get taken advantage of because they are so kind. They can be too naive for their own good.

Leo: Moon, Rising, and Venus Signs

In astrology, every person has a sign in the moon, rising, and Venus placements of their chart. Your moon represents your inner self, your rising is how people see you when they first meet you, and Venus represents love and beauty.

If your moon sign is in Leo, you are charismatic and optimistic. You always see the bright side in bad situations. However, sometimes you can come across as selfish and egotistical because you are so focused on your own needs. You consider yourself a priority.

If your Venus sign is in Leo, you are warm and generous. You love affection from your friends, family members, and partners. This is because you never want to feel taken for granted. You want constant reassurance that your loved ones still care about you.

If your rising sign is in Leo, you take pride in your appearance. You refuse to leave the house unless you’re looking your best. You want to look and feel beautiful at all times. Your appearance matters to you.

Leo and Leo Friendship Compatibility 

Leos make excellent friends. They have plenty of exciting ideas on how to spend weekends. Plus, they can talk for hours on end. They are incredibly loud and love to hear the sound of their own voice. Leos are happiest when they are in the spotlight. They want to entertain everyone around them. This is because they want their friends to have a fun time. However, they get jealous easily. They are going to get annoyed if they are excluded from a party or hangout session. Leos never want to feel like a second choice. They want to feel wanted.

Leo and Leo: Love, Sex, and Relationship

Leos love attention. They want to be pampered and adored. If they aren’t showered with compliments by their partner, they are going to feel neglected. They need constant praise in order to feel validated. Leos also need a supportive partner. They don’t want to feel like their relationship is holding them back. Leos need someone who pushes them to achieve their wildest dreams. They want a cheerleader, a partner in crime. Leos aren’t going to feel satisfied unless they have it all — a relationship, a career, and a thriving social life. They refuse to settle for less than they deserve.

Compatibility With Leo and Leo

Leo match Leo well. These fire signs are great partners, friends, and lovers. They are filled with passion and enthusiasm. Although they have big egos, they are romantic. They will make their loved ones feel special every single day. Overall, one of the best matches for a Leo is another Leo.

Leo Relationship Compatibility

Leo’s relationships are passionate and spontaneous. Overall, a Leo and Leo pairing is going to have plenty of fun. They are going to encourage each other to go on adventures and try new things. When they’re together, anything is possible. Their optimism will help them accomplish their biggest goals. The main problem this pair will face is their need for attention. They will fight for the spotlight. Leos might resent their partner for getting more attention than they do. They might also struggle with jealousy. Overall, they won’t want their partner to pay too much attention to anyone other than themselves.

Leo and Leo compatibility (Leo woman and Leo man)

Leos are one of the most loyal zodiac signs. Once they make a commitment, they are all-in on the relationship. They would do anything for their partner. Leos are hardworking, but they don’t mind spending the money they make. They will shower their partner with gifts — and they will expect the same treatment in return. They want their partner to pamper them on birthdays, anniversaries, and every day in between. If they aren’t given enough attention, then they are going to look for it elsewhere. They don’t enjoy being ignored.

Leo and Leo compatibility (Leo woman and Leo woman) 

Leos are romantics. They enjoy kissing in the rain and long walks along the beach. When they’re in a serious relationship, they want to be treated like royalty. They want their person to put in plenty of effort. Unfortunately, Leos are also suckers for drama. If they’re upset, there’s a chance they could cause a scene. They don’t hold back their feelings. They are brutally honest. Although they come across as confident, deep down they are insecure. That’s why they are so possessive. They don’t want to lose their favorite person.

Leo and Leo compatibility (Leo man and Leo man)

Leos are sweethearts. They would do anything for their partners. However, they can be selfish lovers. They care more about their own pleasure than their partner’s pleasure. They are also highly competitive outside of the bedroom. If they feel like their partner is more successful than them, they might sulk around for a while. They always want to feel like the smartest person in the room. If their partner makes them feel bad about themselves, they aren’t going to know how to handle it. They have to learn how to celebrate their partner’s wins without feeling bad about their own losses.

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