How Well Each Zodiac Sign Handles Awkward Moments

How Well Each Zodiac Sign Handles Awkward Moments


You act completely unbothered in front of others — but you replay the moment again and again in private, and hate yourself for it.


You are absolutely terrified of being seen as awkward. It’s why you avoid so many social situations and keep your distance from crowds.


You’re not great at reading rooms. Usually, you don’t sense awkwardness since you’re so calm and laidback. You assume everything is fine and everyone is having a good time unless they come out and say they’re miserable.


You get beet red and shaky whenever you’re embarrassed. You have trouble hiding how uncomfortable you feel, which ends up making you feel even worse.

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You whip out your phone and pretend to text whenever you feel the slightest bit uncomfortable.


You joke around about any awkward moments you experience. You’re able to laugh at yourself.


You’re great at overcoming awkward moments. You’re a social butterfly, so you’re able to recover quickly and bond with whoever is around.


You get quiet during awkward moments. But you have a blast telling the story to your friends later. You can laugh about it once it’s over.


You call out awkward moments when they happen — and end up making the situation feel even more uncomfortable.


You never actually feel awkward. You’re comfortable with silences. And you don’t sweat it when you misspeak or stumble over your own two feet.


You get horrible secondhand embarrassment. Sometimes you have to turn off TV shows because you cannot stand how awkward conversations are between two characters.


You brag about your awkwardness. You consider it a fun, quirky personality trait of yours. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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