How Good Each Zodiac Sign Is At Lying

How Good Each Zodiac Sign Is At Lying


You act like you’re blunt, but really, you’re so good at lying that you constantly do it. You even lie to yourself.


You’re a horrible liar. You tell little white lies — but you always get caught. You’re way too obvious.


You’re fickle so sometimes it seems like you’re lying. However, you’re telling the truth at the time. You simply change your mind frequently.


You’re good at manipulating others into getting what you want. You use your emotions to your advantage. You always know which buttons to press.

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You don’t mean to lie. But sometimes, you exaggerate when you tell stories. You dramatize everything to make it sound more exciting.


Virgos hate to lie. They only do it when their back is against the wall, when the truth is going to get them in huge trouble.


No one would suspect you of lying because you’re so sweet. But that’s what makes you such an excellent liar. Everyone believes you, without question.


Scorpios are lying and manipulative. They lie without thinking twice about it. They don’t see the harm as long as they aren’t hurting anyone.


Sagittarius love their friends and family too much to lie to them. They’re the most truthful sign in the zodiac.


You don’t see the point in lying. You tell the truth, even when it hurts.


Aquarius are extremely creative. They think fast on their feet. Everyone will believe their lies.


Pisces only lie to protect their loved ones. They never want to tell hard truths. They want to make others feel good about themselves. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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