Cancer and Leo

Cancer and Leo: Friendship and Love Compatibility 

Cancers and Leos are completely different signs. They don’t have a lot in common, so they aren’t highly compatible. In fact, most of the time, a relationship between a Cancer and Leo will quickly crash and burn. If they want a relationship to work, they are going to have to put a lot of effort into communication and compromises.

Cancer and Leo Compatibility


The Cancer Zodiac

Cancers are a water sign. They are ruled by the moon and are represented by the crab. This is because they are a very moody sign. They are super emotional and have trouble controlling their mood swings. When they are upset, they are going to let everyone around them know. However, they have a strong sense of empathy. They care deeply about their friends and family. They are protective and would do anything for the people they love.

Personality traits of a Cancer Sun Sign

Cancers aren’t interested in short-term relationships that revolve around sex. They want a serious, committed relationship with a partner who understands them. When a Cancer enters a relationship, they are going to stay loyal. They would never dream of disrespecting their partner by cheating or flirting with anyone else. Once they meet their match, they won’t want to leave. No matter what problem arises, they will want to stay and fix it.

Cancer: Moon, Rising, and Venus Signs

In astrology, every person has a sign in the moon, rising, and Venus placements of their zodiac chart. Your moon represents your inner self, your rising is how people see you when they first meet you, and Venus represents love and beauty.

If your moon sign is in Cancer, you are moody. Your emotions never remain static for long because you soak up the energy of everyone in the room. You need a partner who is optimistic, who will give you a sense of safety and security.

If your Venus sign is in Cancer, you are trustworthy and loyal. It takes you a long time to let down your walls. However, you are honest and straightforward with anyone you consider a close friend. With you, what you see is what you get.

If your rising sign is in Cancer, you are sensitive and nurturing. You are the mother of your friend group. You’re always checking in on your loved ones to make sure they’re doing okay. You are also a homebody. You love sticking to the same routine. Change makes you uncomfortable.

The Leo Zodiac 

Leos are one of three fixed signs. They are a fire sign that is ruled by the sun and represented by a lion. This is because they are fierce leaders. They don’t like to take orders. They want to make the decisions themselves. Leos know exactly what they want and are willing to fight for it. However, they can come across as bossy, stubborn, and single-minded. Once they set their sights on something, they aren’t going to change their mind. They will become obsessed and won’t be able to get their mind on anything else.

Personality Traits of a Leo Sun Sign

Leos are an enthusiastic, passionate sign. They typically make it far in their careers because they are hardworking and determined. They won’t take no for an answer. Leos are also surprisingly generous with their time and money. They are always willing to help someone in need. Their hearts are so huge that it’s actually quite easy to take advantage of them. They need to be careful because they could end up with their heart (and trust) broken if they aren’t careful.

Leo: Moon, Rising, and Venus Signs

If your moon sign is in Leo, you are creative, warm, and generous. However, you don’t like to be pushed to the background. You want to be the center of attention at all times. When you feel invisible, you feel worthless.

If your Venus sign is in Leo, you are a romantic. You are searching for your soulmate. You can’t wait to settle down with someone who checks off all your boxes. However, when you’re rejected, it really sings. You have trouble handling failure of any kind.

If your rising sign is in Leo, you are confident, carefree, and fun. You’re the life of the party and are an excellent storyteller. However, you can be rather demanding. You like to have things your way and have trouble compromising with others. You stubbornly believe you’re always right.

Cancer and Leo Friendship Compatibility 

Although Cancer and Leo are both emotional, they express their feelings in completely different ways. They also have very different ideas on how to have fun. Leos love spending time at concerts and bars, so they can meet new people. Meanwhile, Cancers would rather stay home and curl up with a good book on weekends. Since Cancer and Leo don’t have much in common, it’s difficult to make a friendship last.

Cancer and Leo: Love and Sex

Leos are passionate and energetic while Cancers are timid and conservative. This will cause them to clash in the bedroom. Cancers are uncomfortable with such a forward Leo. These signs will have trouble outside the bedroom as well, because they behave as opposites. Cancers believe actions speak louder than words. They will show their love through acts of service. However, Leos will want words of affirmation. They will want constant praise. Cancer and Leo couldn’t be more different when it comes to the way they want to be loved.

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Zodiac Compatibility: Cancer

Cancers need a loyal, consistent partner who follows through on promises. They never want to feel like they are a second choice or last priority. They need a partner who is willing to put just as much effort into the relationship as they are. Cancers have a hard time letting go of the people they love. They will often break up with someone several times before saying goodbye for good. They would rather solve a problem than walk away from a problem.

Zodiac Compatibility: Leo

Leos need a partner who is willing to shower them in affection. They want constant reassurance they are loved and desired. Leos also need a partner who is encouraging. They have big dreams, and they want support from the people surrounding them. The biggest downside to dating a Leo is their need for control. They belong with a partner who is comfortable getting bossed around. Otherwise, there will be a lot of conflict and tension.

Cancer man + Leo woman

Cancer Leo relationships aren’t volatile — but they aren’t healthy either. It’s important for a Cancer man to feel like the only one his partner wants. Meanwhile, Leo wants validation from everyone they meet. Love from Leo’s partner won’t be enough. This could cause a Cancer man to become jealous. Overall, Cancer and Leo don’t make a great love match because the jealousy is off the charts.

A Leo man + Cancer woman 

Leo Cancer relationships are difficult to sustain because they are both possessive. A Cancer woman won’t want her partner to flirt with anyone else, but a Leo man will be a social butterfly. A Leo man will also get jealous when a Cancer spends too much time with friends or family. They want to be the only important person in their partner’s life. The sexual tension between Cancer and Leo won’t be strong, and neither will the emotional intimacy. Leo and Cancer simply aren’t compatible.

Cancer compatibility with a Cancer

The best match Cancer can find is another Cancer. There will be a lot of trust between two Cancers. They won’t have to worry about getting hurt by each other. They will both be loyal and respectful at all times. They will also communicate well. They will talk about their feelings freely, so they are always on the same page. Since they have so much in common, two Cancers will make a wonderful couple.

Leo’s compatibility with a Leo

Leos are passionate, so they are going to have an exciting sex life. However, the rest of their relationship won’t be as successful. They will both want to set the rules, so they will fight for dominance. They will never want to let the other person take the lead. They will get into constant arguments and won’t want to let the other person win. However, they have similar morals and values which could strengthen their bond.

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