22 Bizarre Life Hacks That Actually Work 

22 Bizarre Life Hacks That Actually Work 

Ask Reddit has some strange life hacks for you to try!

1. Rubbing a metal spoon (or any stainless steel object) gets rid of most, if not all, of the scent of garlic or onions on your fingers.

2. Brain freeze can remedy a headache. So if you happen to have a headache on a hot summer day and don’t have any aspirin, go get some ice cream.

3. When filling your washing machine, add a cup of plain white vinegar with your detergent in every load. It’ll remove any stinky odors and naturally softens fabric.

4. If you feel like you need to laugh or scream, but you are not in a place where this is appropriate, open your mouth and breathe out an entire lungful like “haaaa.” It will mitigate the feeling, and it’s barely audible.

5. If you have a Kindle and are renting e-books from the library, put it in airplane mode and when it’s due back, the book will still return but the content will still be on your device until you turn off airplane mode. I don’t usually finish my books before they are due back so this trick works great.

6. Need to pick up small pieces of glass? Run a flashlight over the area because the glass will reflect the light differently, making it easier for you to find.

7. Expo marker erases sharpie on most smooth surfaces and always from glass!

8. Dead batteries bounce when dropped on a hard surface. Good batteries don’t.

9. Serve your food on a smaller plate. Tricks the brain into thinking it’s a large portion.

10. When you have an assignment to type out like an essay to write, use the Comic Sans font and your ideas just flow out of you. As opposed to Times New Roman or any other official font, you’re less worried about the ‘correctness’ of each sentence and you can just write without being too much in your head. Then of course before submitting have a read through and change it to the official font required.

11. Keep a few broccoli rubber bands in the junk drawer and wrap them on the lids of any tough to open jars for extra grip.

12. If your nose is stuffy and congested (or you can try it regardless, it works anyway) press firmly on the bridge of your nose for about 15 seconds. You’ll feel your sinuses draining and it helps immensely if you’ve been crying for a while and it feels like your face hurts. There’s other pressure points too but that’s a good quality of life hack

13. Screaming “my baby!” (Sorry guys, this is a girl trick) actually gets you more attention if you are ever assaulted by someone in public, regardless of if you have a child or not. Most people are too chicken to want to get involved. I was almost pulled into a car walking in my home city and it worked like a charm. Though I missed punching him.

14. Cutting onions on a damp paper towel will attract the acids that make you cry. Tear-free onion cutting every time. Bonus points for using a sharp knife too.

15. If you want a deal for your cable/internet then call your telecom saying you want to cancel. Do not speak to the billing department, speak to retention.

16. If you ever have to put a screw/bolt into wood where it already has a hole that is too large for the diameter of the screw. Simply hammer a golf tee into the hole and snap/cut it off. Now your screw will bite and have holding power. I use this trick most often for door hinges.

17. If you get wood stain in your hands, rub any kind of kitchen oil on it then wash your hands with warm water and dish soap! Works amazingly, otherwise I think I would still have that stuff on me and it’s been about three months since then.

18. If you burn your tongue, try taking some sugar and kinda like rub it into your tongue with the roof of your mouth (if that makes sense).

19. Flipping a jar upside down and smacking the bottom sharply with the palm of your hand will break the vacuum and allow you to open the lid.

20. You can press the spot between your eyebrows and raise your tongue to touch the roof of your mouth to open up your sinuses. (Must be done at same time)

21. Ground up orange peels will remove grease from your hands after working on the car.

22. Stretching and meditation relieves stress and anxiety. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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