What Your Zodiac Says About Your Communication Style In Relationships 

What Your Zodiac Says About Your Communication Style In Relationships 


You come across as brutally honest, but you keep your deepest feelings to yourself. This can lead the people you date to assume you care about them much less than you actually do.


You aren’t afraid of talking. You delve deep into your feelings. You never hold back your anger or your tears. However, sometimes you do more listening than talking. You don’t give the other person room to express their own emotions because you’re focusing on your own.


You send mixed signals, even though it’s accidental. You can’t really tell your partner how you feel because you don’t know yourself. Your feelings change by the hour. It can make you look like a liar, when really, you just don’t know your own truth.


You wish your person was a mind reader. You don’t want to tell them why you’re upset. You feel like they should already know. Unfortunately, since you try hard to avoid fights by keeping your feelings to yourself, your partner never knows what’s wrong. Which means their bad behavior will continue.

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You’re excellent at explaining your feelings because you know exactly what you want and exactly how you want others to treat you. There’s no room for miscommunication in your relationships because you get straight to the point.


You have trouble expressing your feelings because you don’t want to get overly emotional. You like to stick to the facts. But sometimes, it’s impossible to express how someone hurt you when your feelings are illogical, so you keep everything to yourself.


You’re eloquent. You’re also a smidge manipulative. When someone upsets you, not only will you tell them what they’ve done wrong, but you will convince them to apologize. You will make them feel horrible about hurting you.


You want to spread happiness everywhere you go. You don’t like to kill the mood, so you keep your problems to yourself. You might make a joke about being upset, but people won’t be able to tell if there’s any truth to it.


You tell it like it is. If you’re angry or upset or horny, you’re going to admit it. And you expect your partner to do the same. If they try to dance around their feelings, the relationship won’t work.


You don’t like to show weakness, so you act like you’re heartless. You never mention when someone has hurt your feelings. You would rather cut them out without telling them why than admit they upset you. And this causes you to lose way too many good people.


You will try to see the situation from the other person’s point of view, so you will ask a lot of questions. You will want to know exactly why they did what they did before you can forgive them.


You’re overdramatic. You exaggerate your feelings, so sometimes people have trouble telling whether you’re seriously upset with them or whether you’re going to get over it in five minutes. They’re not sure how to comfort you because they’re not sure how badly your feelings were hurt. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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