What Each Zodiac Sign Secretly Does After Breakups

What Each Zodiac Sign Secretly Does After Breakups


They spend weeks crying themselves to sleep. They release all the pent-up emotions in private that they hold back in public.


They stalk their exes on social media. They keep a close eye on every move their ex makes.


They stock up on new underwear and lingerie to impress their next partner.


They vow to make a huge lifestyle change, like exercising more or going vegan.


They look through old photos again and again, missing the past.


They spend most of their time sleeping and only wake up to work and eat.


They post cute pictures on social media to make it look like they’re happy when they’re really suffering inside.


They rebound quickly. They get right into a new relationship, or at least have a one-night stand, so they can forget their ex for a while.


They spend a lot of time pleasuring themselves. They get to know their own body again.


They drunk text their ex at least once to yell at them — or flirt with them.


They treat themselves with shopping sprees and their favorite desserts to ease the pain.


They delete all of their social media so they don’t have to deal with being judged over the breakup. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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