What Each Zodiac Sig Needs From Their Partner During This Pandemic

What Each Zodiac Sign Needs From Their Partner During This Pandemic


They need a calming presence. They need their partner to calm them down when they’re spiraling.


They need a constant. They need someone who is going to be there, no matter what.


They need affection. They need their partner to be there for them, since they are isolated from the rest of the world.


They need reassurance. They need to be told everything is going to be okay when they’re convinced the world is ending.

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They need an ego boost. They need reminders they’re beautiful even if they haven’t been to a hair salon or nail parlor in months.


They need a friend. They need someone to make them laugh and cheer them up when they’re miserable.


They need a helping hand. They need someone to help them with practical, mundane things.


They need a confidant. They need someone to listen to them rant for a while.


They need a lover. They need someone to distract them with sex.


They need a rock. They need someone to lean on when they’re overthinking again.


They need entertainment. They need someone to keep them busy so their mind doesn’t wander toward dark thoughts.


They need a cuddle buddy. They need someone they can kiss and touch since the rest of the world is off-limits. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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