Why Each Zodiac Hates Dating In 2021

Why Each Zodiac Hates Dating In 2021


You aren’t really able to get out of the house, so you can’t meet people organically. You’re forced to use dating apps and you suck at advertising yourself.


You can never tell when someone is straight-up flirting with you or only being friendly with you.


You feel like relationships always follow the same pattern — you meet, you text, you text some more, and then those texts slowly stop. It never advances past a certain point.


Even though it can’t be true, you feel like everyone you know is already engaged or married or in a serious relationship. It’s hard to find someone single who’s your age and interested.


You feel like everyone you meet is only interested in a casual relationship, still isn’t over their ex, or isn’t ready to take the next step for some other reason. You can never find anyone who wants something serious.


Honestly, you’re pretty drained from 2020. You’re not at the top of your game. You have a hard time flirting like everything is fine when you’re struggling every single day.


You’re sick of subtle signals. You don’t want someone to flirt with you by liking your social media posts. You want them to be forward about their feelings for you.


You hate dating because you can’t really enjoy it anymore. It’s too stressful. It’s too hard to keep up with your dating apps.


You’re not sure if dating during these tough times is even a good idea. You’re wondering whether you should focus your energy on loving yourself, instead.


You’re always stressed about something. It’s hard to get in the mood when you’re worried about the state of the world and the health of your family.


You feel like everyone you meet is still figuring stuff out. They aren’t sure what they want — and honestly, you’re not so sure about yourself, either.


You’ve spent so much of 2020 alone that you’ve forgotten how to flirt with people. You feel clumsy every time you talk. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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