What Each Zodiac Sign Shouldn't Waste Energy On In January 2021

What Each Zodiac Sign Shouldn’t Waste Energy On In January 2021


Don’t waste energy by trying to make someone else proud instead of focusing on what you personally want to do.


Don’t waste energy on reaching out to crushes who are only interested in talking to you when it’s convenient for them.


Don’t waste energy by trying to fit in with a crowd of people who have treated you like shit in the past.


Don’t waste energy on trying to change toxic people who refuse to listen to reason.

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Don’t waste energy by trying to understand negative people who are filled with so much hatred.


Don’t waste energy on combative people who pick a fight with you over every single one of your opinions.


Don’t waste energy by trying to look perfect on the outside in order to impress people who are shallow and superficial.


Don’t waste energy by trying to change things that are out of your control when you need to learn to accept them instead.


Don’t waste energy on people who aren’t willing to waste energy on you.


Don’t waste energy on comparisons between yourself and what other people your age have accomplished.


Don’t waste energy by silencing your truth in order to make other people feel comfortable.


Don’t waste energy on making your life look perfect on social media as opposed to acting authentic. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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