7 Ways To Accidentally Lose Your Chances With Your Crush

7 Ways To Accidentally Lose Your Chances With Your Crush

1. Accidentally friendzoning them. It’s scary to flirt with your crush. It’s scary to put yourself out there and risk getting rejected. It’s okay if you don’t want to come right out and admit you have strong feelings for someone. However, you don’t want to treat them so casually that you accidentally make them believe you aren’t interested at all. If you don’t give them any indication you like them in a romantic (or sexual) way, then they’re going to assume they don’t have a chance with you and will move onto the next person.

2. Accidentally insulting them. Maybe you’re the type of person that flirts using sarcasm. Maybe it’s easier for you to poke fun at your crushes like a little kid on the playground than it is for you to outright compliment them. However, your crush might not understand where your teasing is coming from. They might assume you’re serious when you make fun of their hair and clothing and music taste. They might assume you’re just plain mean.

3. Accidentally coming across as unavailable. You might want to play it cool in order to impress them, but you can’t take things too far. You don’t want to act like your calendar is completely full and you’re too busy to see them because then you won’t actually get to see them. You need to make yourself available. If they really like you, they won’t find it weird that you’re free to see them. They’ll be excited that you’re free to see them.

4. Accidentally looking like you’re interested in someone else. You might think that bragging about how badly your ex wants you back or how many times a certain person has asked you out is going to make you seem like a catch. However, it might make it look like you’re interested in that person. Or it might make it seem like your love life is too complicated. Most people don’t want drama, especially early on in the relationship.

5. Accidentally making them feel like a sex object. Even though you’re physically attracted to this person, you don’t want every compliment that comes out of your mouth to be about their appearance. Compliment their personality too. Talk to them about deeper things whenever you get the chance. Make it clear that you like them as a person, a package, and not just their body.

6. Accidentally making them uncomfortable. You have to pay close attention to their reactions in order to figure out their feelings. Even if they like you back, you could push them away by trying to move too fast. You could also push them away by moving too slow and waiting too long to make a move. You need to find the perfect balance, and it differs based on the person.

7. Accidentally pushing them away. Maybe you like them so much that you’re scared of getting hurt by them. Maybe you have a hard time letting down your guard and aren’t sure how to open up to them naturally. Or maybe you simply don’t want to come on too strong. Either way, you don’t want to leave their texts unanswered and avoid their questions. You want to treat this person as well as possible. You want to show them your real, authentic self. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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