How Each Zodiac Sign Will Behave After Cheating On You

How Each Zodiac Sign Will Behave After Cheating On You


They will try to blame you for pushing them to cheat in the first place.


They will shower you with presents and chocolates to earn your forgiveness.


They will blame the person they cheated with and act like they were innocent in the situation.


They will start crying their eyes out and beg you not to leave them.


They will continue lying about what they’ve done, even though they’ve been caught.


They will blame their ex or their parents or some issue from their past for messing them up. 


They will come up with a sob story about how they only cheated because they felt insecure.


They will swear it will never happen again and insist they don’t want to lose you.


They will make up a complicated explanation for their behavior that makes zero sense.


They will answer all your questions and completely own up to what they’ve done.


They will let you go through their phone and messages so you feel more comfortable. 


They will break up with you because you had the nerve to get upset with them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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