How Each Zodiac Sign Handles Their Deepest Fears

How Each Zodiac Sign Handles Their Deepest Fears


You pretend you aren’t afraid of anything so you wear a straight face and act like you’re fine when you’re secretly panicking inside.


You avoid everything that scares you. You make constant excuses in order to remain in your comfort zone.


You give yourself a little while to freak out about your fears and imagine the worst-case scenarios — and then you take the leap and try not to think anymore.


You’re only able to face your fears when it means helping out a loved one. In that case, you don’t bat an eye because you care about them more than yourself.

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You procrastinate because you allow your fears to get the best of you. You allow them to slow you down.


You try to view your fears through an analytic lens. You try to figure out why you’re so afraid and what it all means.


You are unashamed of your fears. You are okay admitting you are vulnerable.


You laugh away your fears. You joke about them to make them feel less powerful.


You are fearless, verging on reckless. You don’t think through consequences so you’re never too worried.


You say screw you to your fears. Whenever something scares you, you force yourself to face it so you can get over that fear.


You keep your worst fears hidden so no one can use them against you. You never speak them aloud.


You face your fears with your head held high. You might be nervous, but you believe in yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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