How Each Zodiac Hides Their Crushes

How Each Zodiac Hides Their Crushes


You’re mean to your crushes. You argue with them and are sarcastic around them.


You ignore your crushes. You actively avoid talking to them and looking at them.


You talk about your other crushes to your crushes. You make it sound like you’re interested in other people.


You act extra friendly to everyone around your crushes. You make it seem like you’re this nice to everyone. 


You intimidate your crushes. You make them feel like they don’t stand a chance since your standards are so high.


You straight-up lie about your crushes. You swear you don’t have feelings for people when you do.


You speak about your exes so much it seems like the only people you’re interested in is them and not anyone new.


You become friends with your crushes. You act like you only see them in a platonic way.


You ignore your feelings. You cut crushes out of your life to save yourself the drama.


You never speak about your crushes. You act like they don’t exist.


You act like you aren’t interested in relationships. You tell everyone you’re planning on staying single.


You make jokes so it seems like your attraction to someone is fake. Like you’re not actually being serious. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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