How Each Zodiac Handles Anger In Their Relationships 

How Each Zodiac Handles Anger In Their Relationships 


You lose your temper without warning. You spit out words you regret and apologize later.


When you’re really angry, you end up in tears. You hate how emotional you get but you can’t stop yourself from crying.


You need space when you’re angry. You need to spend some time apart from your person in order to cool yourself down.


You express your anger by acting passive-aggressive. You give the silent treatment and drop a million hints about how pissed you are.


When you’re angry, you guilt trip your person. You make them feel like shit for hurting you.


You spend some time alone with your thoughts. You process your anger so you can really understand what’s bothering you before you speak to them about it.


You show your anger — without explaining your anger. You make your partner guess what could possibly be wrong because you don’t want to tell them yourself.


You swear that you’re fine. You cover up your real emotions in order to keep the peace.


You are brutally honest. You list out all the reasons why you’re angry and hope your partner has a good explanation for you.


You get extremely quiet. You withdraw completely and raise your walls.


You grow resentful and bitter over time. You don’t actually express your anger until you reach a boiling point and explode.


You casually bring up what has upset you. You try to make a joke out of it, even though it’s killing you inside. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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