How Each Zodiac Sign Handles Their Biggest Fears

How Each Zodiac Sign Handles Their Biggest Fears


Their fear gives them an adrenaline rush. Since they love that feeling, they’re constantly placing themselves in dangerous situations.


They let their fear control them. They allow their fear to talk them out of doing things they really want to do.


They laugh in the face of fear. They can get themselves in pickles because they completely ignore whatever warning bells they hear.


They lean on their loved ones when they’re afraid. They rely on someone else to them to help them through the experience.

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They’re experts at pretending they aren’t afraid — even when they are terrified inside. They always look fearless even though it’s far from the truth.


They visualize the worst-case scenario and try to think about the situation logically in order to tamp down their fears.


They analyze why they are so afraid. They try to figure out the root of the problem so they can solve it.


They are strong enough to admit when they are afraid, but they don’t let their fear hold them back, either.


Their fear makes them feel alive. They don’t mind it. They embrace it.


They understand their fear is part of their survival instinct. They listen carefully to avoid putting themselves in danger.


They run and hide whenever they’re scared. They hope they don’t have to deal with the problem if they wait long enough.


Their fear makes them an emotional mess. They burst into tears easily and often. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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