Why Each Zodiac Feels Like They Aren't Moving Forward Anymore

Why Each Zodiac Feels Like They Aren’t Moving Forward Anymore


You’re too comfortable. You haven’t been making necessary changes because you don’t want to disrupt your status quo.


You’ve settled. You’re not happy but you’re not miserable, so you’ve decided to take what you could get instead of reaching for the stars.


You’re getting distracted by outside problems. You haven’t been able to devote the necessary time to your work because there have been so many other issues stealing your attention.


You’ve been struggling lately. Being productive is impossible. Right now, you’re lucky if you simply make it until the end of the day.


The world is on fire. It’s difficult to concentrate when there’s always a new problem popping up that’s way more important than whatever you’ve been working on.


Right now, you’re more worried about maintaining what you already have than gaining more. And right now, that’s enough.


You’re letting fear take ahold of you. You’re scared you’re going to fail so you’re quitting while you’re ahead.


You are too stubborn to make the changes you need to make. You’re refusing to do what is best for yourself.


You’ve lost your inspiration. You don’t feel like there’s a point in trying so you’ve slowly given up.


You haven’t been sticking to a routine. You’ve been sleeping too much, drinking too much, wasting too much time.


You’re letting your laziness win. It’s easier to give up than to put in the effort so you’ve been letting yourself slack.


You have too many doubts. You have a lot of big dreams but you’re hesitant to try to turn them into a reality. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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