Why Each Zodiac Can't Stand One Night Stands

Why Each Zodiac Can’t Stand One Night Stands


You’re greedy. One night isn’t enough, even if you aren’t crazy about the person. You want so much more.


You need to feel comfortable with someone before sleeping with them. Having sex with a stranger is way too awkward for you to handle.


You get attached too easily. You fall for everyone you kiss.


You need an emotional connection in order to sleep with someone. Physical attraction isn’t good enough for you.

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Sex is rarely good the first time, so you don’t see the point in sleeping with someone who doesn’t know how to touch your body properly.


You don’t want to hurt someone on accident. You don’t want them to assume the sex meant something when it didn’t.


You don’t love the idea of sleeping with strangers — and you don’t want to make any of your friendships weird.


You are searching for something permanent. You aren’t going to settle for temporary flings because they won’t satisfy you.


One night stands are fun in the moment, but you always feel weird about them the next day. You always regret them.


It’s rare for you to fall for someone. When you do, you want a real relationship, not just sex.


You prefer sex to feel meaningful. You prefer to get naked with someone you trust.


You aren’t great at flirting. You don’t know how you would even initiate a one night stand. TC mark

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