What Each Zodiac Sign Thinks When They See Their Person

What Each Zodiac Sign Thinks When They See Their Person


You think about how excited you are to embark on future adventures together.


You think about how long you’ve been together and how much you’ve grown as a couple.


You think about how much you’ve overcome together and how proud you are of yourselves.


You think of how much you admire this person, respect this person, and want to marry this person.


You think of how good it feels to be wanted by them, and how you could never ask for anything more.


You think about how much more amazing life has been with this person than before you crossed paths.


You think about how attracted you are to this person’s looks and personality.


You think of all the things you’ve accomplished together, all the beautiful milestones you’ve reached.


You think about how thankful you are to have someone in your life who understands you, who doesn’t judge you.


You think about how lucky you are to have found a best friend you can kiss.


You think about how long it took you to find them and how every second was worth the trouble.


You think about what a great team you make and how perfectly compatible you are. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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