What Each Zodiac Sign Hates The Most About Long-Distance

What Each Zodiac Sign Hates The Most About Long-Distance


You hate sleeping alone instead of having someone to cuddle at night.


You hate looking to your future together instead of actually enjoying your present.


You hate that you feel rushed and pressured to do a million different things when you actually see each other in person.


You hate having most of your conversations over text instead of speaking face-to-face.

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You hate going out with friends and being the only one who doesn’t have their partner with them.


You hate the time difference and the fact your schedules never line up.


You hate how much extra trust you have to place in them since you have no clue what they’re doing without you.


You hate that you’re unable to have sex and have to resort to sexting.


You hate that you aren’t there to comfort your person when they’re upset.


You hate scrounging together the money (and time off work) to visit each other.


You hate coming home to an empty apartment instead of sharing it with the person you love.


You hate not being able to show affection by holding hands and cuddling. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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