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What Each Zodiac Hates About Working From Home


You hate dealing with spotty internet and having your whole day thrown off when your electronics give you trouble.


You hate the constant interruptions by your pets and your loved ones.


You hate how much time you spend in the same place. You never have a reason to leave your home anymore. 


You hate how lazy you’ve gotten. You don’t have a reason to get dressed so you stay in your pajamas.

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You hate all of the distractions — the temptation to check your texts, the news, the television.


You hate how lonely you get working alone, and how bored you feel without anyone to keep you company.


You hate feeling like the workday is never officially over and you always have more to do.


You hate sitting in the exact same place all week without the chance to drive around or walk around throughout the day.


You hate feeling like you’re being unproductive — even when you’re doing the same amount you always do.


You hate virtual meetings where other people can see inside your home and spend an hour staring at you.


You hate that you have such a hard time separating your home life from your work life now.


You hate the fact you aren’t able to see people in person and have fun little conversations while you’re working. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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