The Mistake Each Zodiac Sign Makes When They Like Someone

The Mistake Each Zodiac Sign Makes When They Like Someone


You don’t admit your feelings. You bottle everything up inside and act like you couldn’t care less about someone you want to date.


You are too stubborn to make the first move. You would rather stop talking to someone completely than initiate a conversation.


You send mixed signals. You switch between flirting with someone and ignoring them completely, so they never know whether you’re interested or not.


You’re too nice to everyone you meet. Everyone thinks of you as a friend because you never show your romantic interest.


You’re too impatient. If someone doesn’t ask you out immediately, you give up on them and walk away.


You’re too independent. You swear you don’t need anyone and push people away who would be good for you.


You’re too detached. Even when you like someone, you aren’t always fully present. You’re daydreaming instead.


You’re manipulative. You want to get your way and you will do anything to make that happen, even if it means hurting people you supposedly love.


You come across as cold and heartless. No one realizes what a great partner you would be because they never get to know the real you.


You procrastinate all the time. You put off talking to your crush and asking out your crush, and then your crush ends up with someone else.


You’re so quick to anger. You cut people out of your life without hearing their side of the story. You barely give them a chance.


You live in your own world. You prefer fictional characters to real people, so your expectations are unrealistically high. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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