How Each Zodiac Is Spending Their Halloween In 2020

How Each Zodiac Is Spending Their Halloween In 2020

Even though you can’t attend any parties this year, you can still have fun on Halloween. This is what each zodiac will most likely be doing:


You’re going to marathon scary movies with your partner (in person) or your long-distance friends (over the internet).


You’re going to watch Halloweentown and Hocus Pocus for the hundredth time because you can never get enough of them.


You’re going to carve pumpkins (or paint them!) to let out your creative side.


You’re going to spend most of the day scrolling through social media, admiring all of the cute costumes people are posting from home.


You’re going to play horror games that jumpscare you — or play something fun online with your friends like Among Us. 


You’re going to bake a pumpkin pie, make candy apples, or throw together some other deliciously unhealthy dessert.


You’re going to get dressed up and take a million pictures for Instagram even though you aren’t leaving the house.


You’re going to dress your pets up in costumes and take pictures of them to spam social media.


You’re going to get wasted because you can still celebrate Halloween inside your own home.


You’re going to stock up on candy and eat most of it yourself (because no one should be trick or treating anyway).


You’re going to dance around to your favorite Halloween music, like The Monster Mash and The Devil Went Down to Georgia. 


You’re going to watch true crime documentaries on Netflix in order to freak yourself out. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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