Why Each Zodiac Sign Is Afraid Of Modern Dating

Why Each Zodiac Sign Is Afraid Of Modern Dating


You’re afraid of spending so much time on someone, only to get ghosted by them.


You’re afraid of opening up to someone about things you’re insecure about and then having them walk away with all your secrets.


You’re afraid of admitting you have feelings for someone then finding out they don’t feel the same way.


You’re afraid of trusting the wrong person and getting into a toxic relationship.


You’re afraid of getting physically intimate with someone and then having them walk away after getting what they want from you.


You’re afraid of putting 100% into a relationship and getting back nothing in return.


You’re afraid of opening up too fast and scaring someone away.


You’re afraid of wasting too much time on the wrong person without having any idea.


You’re afraid of being alone forever because you’re too scared to make a move.


You’re afraid of taking a risk and being vulnerable with someone, only to be stabbed in the back.


You’re afraid of being used for your body and never finding a real, meaningful connection.


You’re afraid of getting into another almost relationship where things never turn official. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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