Leo and Scorpio: Compatibility in Sex, Love, and Friendship

A Leo and Scorpio pairing is no walk in the park. In fact, this is a relationship that should be avoided entirely. Leo and Scorpio have such different personalities, and it will take a lot of time, energy, patience, and understanding to even attempt to make it work.

Leo and Scorpio Compatibility


The Leo Zodiac 

Leo is ruled by the sun, the brightest and biggest star in our solar system. If you search for the Leo constellation in the sky, you will see that it is one of the biggest too. A Leo is bright, bold, and constantly demanding attention to themselves. Leo is also represented by a lion, symbolizing courage and strength. They are well aware of how powerful they are, which is why they never back down from a challenge.

Leo is a fire sign, meaning they are incredibly passionate and intense. They have big hearts, fighting for whatever they believe is right. They are also quite supportive and encouraging, convincing you that you have the strength to handle anything life throws at you. As a fixed sign, Leo is very dedicated to most things and have a hard time letting go and adjusting to change. They also tend to get obsessed with whatever project they are pursuing. They have the determination and willpower to keep going, even when barriers block their path towards success.

Personality Traits of a Leo

Leos need plenty of attention. They want to be loved by everyone and will turn on the charm in social situations. Unfortunately, since they are irresistible, they tend to have big egos. They also tend to have a selfish side, making themselves a priority because they believe they deserve the best. They are incredibly loyal and protective of the people they love the most. They won’t let anyone hurt their friends or family. They will always try to go to bat for the people they love the most, even if it means putting themselves in harm’s way.

The Leo man is very charming. He also wants to be treated like a king. He wants a partner who looks good with him because he likes to be in the spotlight. He will probably have many potential love interests or people just pining for his love, but if you have his heart, then you have it for life. He will never stray from you. The Leo woman is similar — she wants to be valued as a queen and treated like royalty. She has the desire to love and be loved and this makes her very warm-hearted. She wants to be in control always and in the center of someone’s world.

Leo: Moon, Rising, and Venus Signs

In astrology, every person has a sign in the moon, rising, and Venus placements of their zodiac chart. Your moon represents your inner self, your rising is how people see you when they first meet you, and Venus represents love and beauty.

If your moon sign is in Leo, you are bossy, self-confident, and conceited. As most fire signs are, you love being the center of attention and cannot stand when someone else steals your place in the spotlight. However, you are also enthusiastic. Whenever you take on a new project, you completely dedicate yourself to it.

If your Venus sign is in Leo, you are warm and generous. Above all, you are loyal. Once you commit yourself to someone, you would never betray them. You treat them with the utmost respect. Although you have high expectations, you have a huge heart.

If your rising sign is in Leo, you’re fun, carefree, and creative. Whether you’re snapping photos, painting, or putting together cute outfits, you love to express yourself through visual mediums. You are also super positive and spread smiles wherever you go.

lion laying on ground facing sideways

The Scorpio Zodiac

The Scorpio zodiac sign is ruled by Mars (ruler of strength and self-expression) and Pluto (ruler of psychic energy). Scorpio’s zodiac constellation is a scorpion, which represents power and intimacy. As a fixed sign, Scorpio is stable and determined. They have a “my way or the highway” attitude and won’t give up until they get what they want.

Scorpio is a water sign, meaning they secret emotional intensity. They don’t like to stay in negative moods for very long, so they bounce back quickly. However, that doesn’t mean they just forgive and forget. As a fixed sign, Scorpio is an incredibly stubborn and determined creature. They may seem emotionless at first, but they are highly possessive and get jealous easily. They can hold grudges for a long time.

Personality Traits of Scorpio

Scorpio is a very determined sign. In fact, they will hold a grudge for as long as they have to. They are very obsessive, possessive, and tend to get jealous at times. If someone upsets them, they won’t forget it–they hold lifelong grudges. If they choose to keep you in their life, there will always be a part of them that resents you for putting them through some pain in the past.

Scorpio has a tendency to flirt with everyone who walks into the room, but they aren’t going to settle down until they find someone special. In the meantime, they are going to act secretive and mysterious. They won’t reveal too much about their personal lives. They won’t allow anyone to get too close to them. They will keep their guard up because they are secretly terrified of getting heartbroken. If you want to stay on the good side of a Scorpio, you can’t even think about betraying them. Their trust in you will go right out the window the second you screw up.

The Scorpio man will be just as strong and determined as he is energetic and passionate. When it comes to love and romance, he would rather be in a committed relationship than go on a bunch of dates. He will also be quick to notice if you’re trying to play games with him, so just don’t even bother. The Scorpio woman is just as passionate. She is confident, flirtatious, and sometimes demanding. However, she won’t give her heart away to just anyone. She also doesn’t like to be played (or play others), and won’t be down for a chase.

Scorpio: Moon, Rising, and Venus Signs

In astrology, every person has a sign in the moon, rising, and Venus placements of their zodiac chart. Your moon represents your inner self, your rising is how people see you when they first meet you, and Venus represents love and beauty. 

If your moon sign is in Scorpio, you are sometimes a bit of a mystery when it comes to your feelings. It’s not that you’re emotionless, but that it’s in your nature to be secretive about those emotions. You also tend to go through mood swings! You can be highly possessive and jealous when it comes to love, and if your partner upsets you, you just might hold a grudge against them.

If your Venus sign is in Scorpio, you can be quite intense when it comes to love or sexual endeavors. You are slowly seductive and also very cautious–you need to observe a potential partner or a situation before diving in headfirst. You’re highly intuitive, so this works for you.

If your rising sign is in Scorpio, people often see different sides to you: cool and flirty, and also mysterious, moody, and closed off. However, once people get to know you, they will see that you are fiercely loyal and fun. There’s a light inside you people just can’t stray away from.

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Leo and Scorpio: Friendship Compatibility 

Leo and Scorpio will quickly come to the realization that they’re quite different from one another and that a friendship will be pretty challenging. 

The Scorpio friend will want privacy while the Leo friend will prefer to be in the center of attention. They won’t be able to understand this difference in one another. 

A Leo Scorpio friendship will be quite stubborn. Both of these zodiac signs are fixed signs, which means neither of them will give in to a situation or be vulnerable.

Leo and Scorpio are ruled by masculine energies (Pluto and the sun), which means they will often fight over power in the friendship. As long as they take a moment to talk through it, they can motivate one another and achieve great things together. 

Scorpio and Leo are too similar to make a friendship work. They both want to take charge. They both want to make decisions. They both want to act as a leader. Since they are so determined to do what they believe is right, they are going to clash. Their strong personalities will cause tension between them. Since they always believe they are right, they are going to have trouble seeing situations from the other person’s perspective. They are too set in their ways to even consider changing.

These two signs also have extremely different ideas of ‘fun’. Scorpios would rather spend their weekends hanging out with a small group of people they consider close friends. They might even want to spend their time working on an important project. Meanwhile, Leos want to be out in the world. They want to be the center of attention at karaoke bars and clubs. They want all eyes on them. They are not satisfied with small groups. They thrive in crowds.

Leo and Scorpio: Sex and Love Compatibility

A Leo Scorpio relationship will be quite complicated because of the very different and very strong personalities. Both signs might not do well in relationships, let alone do well taking each other on a date. Also, the Scorpio lover leads with depth and emotions while the Leo lover leads with confidence, passion, and sometimes even a casual attitude. It will be really hard for them to find balance and sexual satisfaction in the bedroom.

After all, Leos want to be drowned with attention – not just from their partner. From everyone. Meanwhile, Scorpios are possessive. They are going to get jealous when other people ogle their partner. They are going to want their lover all to themselves – and Leo isn’t going to be cool with that. They want everyone to love them. They want attention everywhere they go.

On the plus side, these signs are always going to be honest with each other. They will never hold back their true feelings or true intentions. They will share their fears, their hopes, and their insecurities, even when it makes the situation uncomfortable. Leos are transparent while Scorpios are direct. This allows them to trust one another easily. However, they’ll still face a lot of challenges when it comes to communication. 

True love isn’t in the cards for a Leo and Scorpio pair. Although their relationship probably won’t last long, they won’t walk away hating each other. There will be mutual respect between them.

Leo and Scorpio: Relationship Compatibility

Leo man + Scorpio woman:

Leo and Scorpio are two very independent beings. With that being said, they aren’t ideally compatible simply because they won’t want to – or like to – settle down. If they are aware of each other’s dominant, contrasting personality traits–like her mean and controlling traits and his selfish and cocky attitudes–this could be an interesting pair. With their strong and different personalities, they will have a lot to learn from one another.

Scorpio man + Leo woman: 

These two are quite stubborn and will have a hard time compromising in the relationship. The Scorpio male is romantic and loyal and won’t have the patience for the Leo female’s ego and need to be the center of attention. Both Leo and Scorpio can be quite possessive and this similar energy could work…but not always. If they want this to work, they will need to really work on their communication skills and develop a deeper bond with one another.

Scorpio woman + Leo woman

Although Leo is very blunt and Scorpio’s ideal partner is someone straightforward and honest about what they want in a relationship, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to be a solid match. In fact, this Leo and Scorpio pair will really only communicate and get along on the surface level. Sex is great between these two, but intimacy can’t solidify a relationship forever. Both are assertive and dominant and this could either be a good or a bad thing….

Leo man + Scorpio man

This kind of Leo Scorpio love match will be tough to manage at times. Scorpios get attached to the people in their lives and have severe jealousy issues. They aren’t happy when their partner spends too much time with the opposite sex – or even with family and friends. This will be tough for Leo, the kind of person who wants to be the center of everyone’s world. They’re sociable and flirty and this will evidently cause some trust issues in the relationship. 

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