How Each Zodiac Tries To Cool Down When They're Heated

How Each Zodiac Tries To Cool Down When They’re Heated


You have a drink. You try to forget your problems. But it only gets you angrier.


You call up someone you trust to rant to them about how unbelievably angry you are and how you’re not sure how to handle it.


You head to bed. You hope everything will feel better in the morning.


You get emotional. You can’t stop the tears. You end up crying your eyes out.


You curse. You scream. You throw a fit because you can’t bottle up your emotions anymore.


You go for a run to clear your head. You need to do something or you’re going to explode.


You blast music. You try to drown out your own thoughts.


You do your research. You try your best to see the other person’s point of view so you can stop hating them so much.


You snack on junk food. You console yourself by treating yourself.


You get silent. You get lost in your thoughts and don’t say a word.


You hop on social media to rant about how angry you are with the world. You make sure everyone knows where you stand.


You meditate. You do yoga. You try to restore balance and find peace. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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