Why Each Zodiac Sign Will Pull Away, Even When They Like You

Why Each Zodiac Sign Will Pull Away, Even When They Like You


They don’t want to get attached to someone. They love being independent — and want to stay that way.


They hate change. The thought of getting into a relationship scares them because they like the way things are now.


They’re trying to protect their heart. They don’t want to get hurt by you.


They’re worried they aren’t good enough for you. They’re walking away to save you the trouble.


They recognize how flawed they are. They’re worried they’re going to hurt you. 


They feel like they’re perfectly fine on their own. They don’t need the stress a relationship brings.


They’ve had bad experiences in the past. They’re worried history will repeat itself.


They suck at reading signals. They have no idea you’re interested and are worried about being rejected.


They don’t want to be tied down. They want to keep their options open.


They’re in denial about how much they like you. They are too stubborn to see the truth.


They’re cautious when it comes to love. They don’t want to move too quickly and end up in a bad situation.


They’re scared of how much they care about you. They’re scared to let you in. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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