You're insecure. You're worried they won't want to be friends with you or hear what you have to say.

Why Each Zodiac Sign Has Trouble Talking To New People


You aren’t good at small talk. You want to dive deeper — and this intimidates some people.


You don’t like making the first move. You want other people to approach you.


You feel like you’re awkward. You feel like you come across as a weirdo.


You’re worried you’re bothering them and wasting their time, so you keep to yourself.


You’re worried about appearing clingy and coming on too strong.


You’re an old soul. You’re never sure how to interact with someone your age.


You put others on pedestals. You view them too highly and psych yourself out.


You feel like an outsider. You feel different from everyone else.


You like being left alone. Most of the time, you aren’t in the mood to talk.


It’s hard for you to form genuine connections. Most people annoy you.


You don’t feel comfortable with anyone until you really get to know them.


You’re worried they won’t want to be friends with you or hear what you have to say, so you completely avoid them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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