What Makes Each Zodiac Sign's Blood Boil

What Makes Each Zodiac Sign’s Blood Boil


When someone speaks over you during conversations.


When someone shows up late, disrespecting your time.


When someone makes a passive-aggressive comment about your appearance.


When someone tells little white lies — and sticks to them even after they get caught.

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When someone makes you feel stupid for getting excited about something that matters to you.


When someone tries to one-up every single word that comes out of your mouth.


When someone badmouths one of your friends in front of you.


When someone gets annoyed with you for sticking up for yourself instead of getting pushed around.


When someone refuses to return your texts but posts all over social media.


When someone won’t leave you alone, even when you clearly want to keep to yourself.


When someone drops by without giving you a warning — or makes plans at the last second.


When someone teases you about something they know you’re sensitive about. TC mark

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