The Chore Each Zodiac Hates (And Will Force You To Do When You're Dating)

The Chore Each Zodiac Hates (And Will Force You To Do When You’re Dating)


The laundry. They are too impatient. Waiting for the washer and dryer to finish is going to drive them crazy.


Mowing the lawn. They would much rather be cozy inside the house.


The dishes. They hate doing anything repetitive. They would rather cook or do something creative.


Changing the oil in the car. They don’t trust themselves around machinery. They would rather work around the house.

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Cleaning the toilets. They will feel like this job is beneath them.


Vacuuming. They will assume the house is clean enough and skip this chore completely.


Cleaning the litterbox or picking up dog poop. They love animals — but they don’t love taking care of them.


Making the bed. They don’t see the point when they’re going to use the bed again later, anyway.


Cooking. They will get sick of coming up with new ideas for dishes and stick to microwavable meals.


Going grocery shopping. They won’t want to deal with people.


Feeding the pets. They can be forgetful and won’t remember to do what they need to do.


Organizing the fridge and pantry. They don’t always store things in the most logical place. TC mark

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