Libra and Sagittarius: Compatibility in Sex, Love, and Friendship 

Would you imagine that Libra and Sagittarius are compatible? Definitely! Along with strong sexual compatibility in a Sagittarius and Libra relationship, these two signs have good emotional compatibility too. In fact, they are great at communicating their feelings! Let’s learn more about their personalities and how they work:

Libra and Sagittarius Compatibility


The Libra Zodiac

Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty. Libras love the finer things in life and care deeply about appearances. Libra is also associated with the Greek goddess Themis, who ruled over justice and fairness and who was known to have connections with Venus and Aphrodite, which makes sense since Libras are ruled by the planet Venus! 

Libra is the only zodiac sign that is represented by an object: scales. This symbolizes balance, harmony, and justice. Libra is an air sign, wanting a free-flowing, balanced, beautiful life. Libra is a cardinal sign, too, always pushing for something. They want justice and for people’s voices to be heard, but they don’t like confrontation or awkward situations themselves and will avoid them at all costs.

Personality Traits of a Libra

Libras–like all air signs–are creative beings. They are daydreamers. They want life to look good and feel good, by any means necessary. It’s in their nature to try to make everyone happy, including them, which is why they’re big flirts and good at conversation. At their best, Libras are cooperative, balanced, and social. At their worst, they are passive-aggressive, manipulative, will hold grudges, and will avoid confrontation.

The Libra man is quite charming. He’s deeply romantic and will want to spoil you! Although he’s attracted to intellectual beings, he’s also searching for the most beautiful partner. He will also probably put some TLC into his appearance…he’s much shallower than he leads others to be. The Libra woman is a good listener and good conversationalist. She is also very picky and won’t let herself fall in love with someone who doesn’t fit her standards (financially, physically, emotionally). If she is committed to you, she will show every side to her, both the good and the bad.

Libra: Moon, Rising, and Venus Signs

In astrology, we each have a sign in certain placements of our chart. We each have a moon sign and a rising sign; our moon represents our inner selves and how we deal with feelings and emotions and your rising is how people perceive you. 

If your moon is in Libra, you often express your feelings in creative ways, through writing, painting, or another art form. You want to create peace and balance in every aspect of your life–love, friendships, career–because it makes you feel good. However, you don’t always deal with your emotions in a healthy way. You can be manipulative and passive-aggressive at times.

If your Venus is in Libra, you’re a people pleaser at heart, and won’t rest until you make a good impression. You make friends easily, but you strive for a friendship with beautiful energy and a solid bond. When it comes to love, you strive for a beautiful, committed, loving relationship.

If your rising is in Libra, you will find that people are drawn to you and your charm. You are a social creature, outgoing and good at conversation. You want to be around people who make you look and feel good just as badly as you want others to feel good when they’re around you (that’s just the people-pleasing quality you have).

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The Sagittarius Zodiac

Every astrological sign has a planetary ruler, and Sagittarius’ is Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet of luck, fortune, truth, and philosophy. Jupiter is also the biggest planet in the Solar system, symbolizing heroic action and doing things head-on, no matter the challenges. Sagittarius is one of the zodiac signs that can be a bit too much at times, but also wholeheartedly believe in their big dreams. The Sagittarius’ symbol is a bow and arrow, or, an archer. They are very active zodiac signs, but this can sometimes show up as restlessness.

As a fire sign, Sagittarius’ has an honest and intense personality. They have an enthusiasm for life and this zodiac sign will do anything to achieve their goals, no matter how big they might be. Sagittarius is a mutable sign, which means they are adaptable and flexible, but also careless and inconsistent. Sagittarius love being around other people. As fire signs usually are, Sag is extroverted, fun, free-spirited, and somewhat unpredictable.

Personality Traits of Sagittarius

With the fire energy, Sagittarius is intense, energetic, and extroverted. They are adventurous, rebellious (especially under authority), and want life to be unpredictable rather than planned. They are overly confident and very honest, too. It’s never a dull moment with this archer!

A Sagittarius man is courageous, cocky, and even flirty. He will always want attention and for people to feed his ego. The kind of man who enjoys his freedom and who is likely to settle down in a relationship. A Sagittarius woman is wild and independent. She will speak her mind no matter if her words could hurt someone else–and she probably won’t care, either. It won’t be easy for her to fall in love, but when she does, she wants something exciting and spontaneous.

Sagittarius: Moon, Rising, and Venus Signs

In astrology, every person has a sign in the moon, rising, and Venus placements of their zodiac chart. Your moon represents your inner self, your rising is how people see you when they first meet you, and Venus represents love and beauty. 

If your moon sign is in Sagittarius, you are always willing to try to learn new things. You trust yourself over others, and this often comes across as cocky and cold. You’re very optimistic and over-confident in your opinions and ideas. You also care deeply about your loved ones, even if you don’t always express your feelings openly.

If your Venus sign is in Sagittarius, you are a big flirt. You’re also quite cautious about settling down in a relationship, even though you’re jealous of those who are in committed relationships. To you, love should be exciting and adventurous rather than committed and “claustrophobic.” 

If your rising sign is in Sagittarius, you are the life of the party! You love meeting new people because the more friends you have, the more they can feed your ego. People see how free-spirited and optimistic you are and it can either come across as endearing or overwhelming.

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Libra and Sagittarius Compatibility: Friendship

A Libra Sagittarius friendship will be pretty balanced and strong. Both signs are interested in achievements and knowledge. Sagittarius is always looking for wisdom and the chance to try new things and Libra will help them sharpen their minds. They are going to embark on exciting, once-in-a-lifetime adventures together. Sagittarius hates routine, so they are going to come up with plenty of fun ways to spend their time. Since Libras are people pleasers, they aren’t going to turn down an invitation out. They are going to say yes to any excursion that is suggested. Because they are open-minded and willing to try new things, they will be the perfect partner in crime for a Sagittarius.

However, when these two signs come to a disagreement, a Libra is going to get the short end of the stick. This sign avoids confrontation at all costs, so they will be passive-aggressive and hint at their annoyance instead. Unfortunately, a Sagittarius isn’t going to pick up on such subtle hints. They won’t realize something is wrong because they will be too focused on themselves. If a Libra wants to be treated better, then they will need to speak up for a change. They won’t often fight simply because Libra hates confrontation but when they’re hurt, Libra will be passive-aggressive and self-pitying, while Sagittarius will be so brutally honest it’s mean.

Libra and Sagittarius: Sex and Love Compatibility

Libra and Sagittarius are going to have strong chemistry, especially inside the bedroom. Whenever one of them comes up with a new idea to try, the other is going to agree. They are both open-minded and adventurous. They aren’t going to turn down the opportunity to have fun. Their flexibility will keep their relationship strong. It will stop their sex life from growing stale and repetitive. They will never have the same experience twice, so sex is never going to get boring. Libra will add endurance and stability and Sagittarius will add romance and sexual desire. 

Unfortunately, these signs are bound to have trust issues. They both can go to extremes and have unrealistic expectations of one another. Sag will have a hard time seeing life and love as a fairy tale the way Libra does. This will frustrate Libra, and they might get a bit passive-aggressive.

Libra and Sagittarius love freedom rather than commitment. Libra is very flirtatious and gets along with everyone, meanwhile, Sagittarius is never satisfied and is always hitting on someone new. Since they both have a tendency to flirt around, even when they are in a committed relationship, there is a chance one of them will cheat. There is also a chance one of them will grow restless and run off on a new adventure. Their relationship might not last forever. They’re better as a one-date kind of thing rather than lifelong partners.

Libra and Sagittarius: Relationship Compatibility

Libra man + Sagittarius woman:

With the social and charming man who likes trying new things, and a woman who likes exploring and stimulation, these two signs are a great match, especially in the bedroom. They have different priorities in life and both aren’t really the type to settle down in love, which is why a long-term relationship might not be the best thing for them. With that being said, this specific Libra and Sagittarius couple are stronger than friends than as lovers.

Libra woman + Sagittarius man: 

This match connects in a very specific, dynamic way and that’s why they are pretty compatible in friendship and in love. Libra’s charming, Sagittarius is social. While she will be sensual in the bedroom, he will be passionate and willing to try new things. Trust and devotion is prominent in this specific Libra and Sagittarius relationship, too. 

Libra man + Sagittarius man

This Libra and Sagittarius match could be something great, as long as they work at it. They could struggle with the communication aspect of their relationship, from time to time and will potentially avoid commitment. If they’re in a fight, Sagittarius will come with the swords and the mean words and Libra will just be passive-aggressive and avoidant. As long as they try to talk things out to get on the same page, this will be a good pair.

Sagittarius woman + Libra woman

With her fire element and her air element coming together, you might get something hot and intense–and that will either be a good or a bad thing. Libra will be the perfect partner in crime for Sagittarius. They’ll get along great on their adventures and be on the same page about most things, but if it comes down to talking about their feelings, they will both avoid it all costs. Over time, though, they will talk about it and will come to an agreement, whether if that’s being a couple or independent. Overall, this Sagittarius and Libra match will be interesting, to say the least.

January Nelson is a writer, editor, and dreamer. She writes about astrology, games, love, relationships, and entertainment. January graduated with an English and Literature degree from Columbia University.