How Each Zodiac Sign Is Secretly A Kid At Heart

How Each Zodiac Sign Is Secretly A Kid At Heart


Your favorite types of books to read are YA — and all your favorite music is the music you listened to when you were younger.


Disney is your favorite place on the planet. There’s nowhere else you would rather be.


You hate dinner dates. You would rather go to a trampoline park or bowling alley or mini-golf course.


You still watch cartoons. You feel comforted by them.


You aren’t a big fan of alcohol, and when you go out to eat, you prefer ordering off the kid’s menu.


You get along better with kids than people your age. You would rather run around with them at parties than small talk with adults.


Your room is filled with stuffed animals. You still collect any cute ones you see.


You love board games, puzzles, and crafting. Whether you’re making bracelets or painting, you’re happy.


You still have your parents set appointments for you. And you talk to them pretty much every day.


You prefer being outdoors. You love playing in the sand and snow.


You still see kid movies in theaters. You get more excited about them than the kids.


When you want to celebrate, you treat yourself by going to get ice cream or McDonald’s. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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