6 Reasons You Should Never Get Too Attached To An Aries

6 Reasons You Should Never Get Too Attached To An Aries

1. We have a reputation for being selfish. We don’t actually consider ourselves selfish because we will always go out of our way to help a friend in need. We will always do our best to treat others with kindness. However, we’re going to put ourselves first. We’re going to do what is best for our own physical and mental health. We aren’t going to allow someone toxic to drain us. We aren’t going to sacrifice our own happiness to please someone else. We know what we deserve and we won’t settle for less.

2. We have a pretty intense temper. You aren’t going to get away with screwing us over. If you hurt us, then you’re going to feel our wrath. We’re going to put you in your place. We’re going to curse you out. We’re going to get revenge. Although we might forgive you once our anger dies down, we will always remember what you’ve done. You aren’t going to get away with hurting us easily. We’re not the type of people you can take advantage of.

3. We’re blunt about our opinions. We aren’t going to sugarcoat our feelings. We aren’t going to censor what we say. We aren’t afraid of confrontation, so if you upset us, we’re going to speak up. We’re going to tell you what’s on our minds. On the plus side, you’ll never have to guess what we’re thinking because we don’t hold anything back. However, that means you’re going to need thick skin in order to deal with us. If your feelings get hurt easily, you might have a hard time hearing what we have to say.

4. We’re impulsive. We change our minds easily because we get bored easily. We become restless when we’re in the same place for too long. On a whim, we might decide to hop on a plane and travel to another part of the country. Or we might decide to stop calling and texting out of nowhere. Although we like to pretend we don’t have any feelings, we’re actually guided by our feelings. We don’t think with our heads. We think with our hearts. We make decisions based on whatever feels right in the moment.

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5. We’re passionate. When we love something, we really love it. That might be a person or a career or a hobby. However, just because we love it today doesn’t mean we’ll love it tomorrow. Our passion burns brightly, but it can’t burn forever. Eventually, our interest will die out and we’ll find something new.

6. We’re okay with temporary relationships. You might not want to get too attached to us because we don’t get too attached to anyone else. We don’t mind when relationships are temporary. They don’t have to last forever to mean something. They don’t have to be eternal to be meaningful. There are some people who were only meant to be in our lives for a short while and we’re okay with that. We aren’t the type to cling to the past. We’re always moving towards our shiny new future. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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