Why Each Zodiac Sign's Feelings Are Unrequited

Why Each Zodiac Sign’s Feelings Are Unrequited


You keep falling for the wrong people who are too oblivious to see your value.


You get attached too easily. You fall for the first person who pays you a little bit of attention.


You don’t know if your feelings are actually unrequited. You haven’t actually talked to this person about how they feel.


You’re too kind. You would give everything to someone who barely even looks at you.

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You’re interested in the type of person you think would be good for you instead of someone who actually makes sense with you.


You’ve never even spoken to them. They don’t even know your name.


You’re confusing lust with love. You’re confusing someone cute for someone special.


You have bad taste. You’re trying to date people who aren’t interested in monogamy.


You keep selling yourself short. You keep assuming no one would be interested without knowing for sure whether that’s the case.


You never express your feelings. You never give them any indication you’re interested in them.


You’ve been looking for love in the wrong places. You need to try something new.


You’ve been staying in your comfort zone. You haven’t flirted with them, so they don’t know you’re available. TC mark

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