When Each Zodiac Sign Should Leave, Even If They're In Love

When Each Zodiac Sign Should Leave, Even If They’re In Love


You should leave once you realize this person is holding you back from fulling your dreams instead of pushing you forward.


You should leave the second you feel like you’re giving them everything and receiving nothing.


You should leave when your arguments turn into screaming matches filled with unfair insults you can never take back.


You should leave if your person strengthens your insecurities instead of reminding you of your beauty.

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You should leave when you grow tired of them — and it lasts longer than a mid-relationship slump.


You should leave when you feel like you have outgrown them and need to move onto something more fulfilling.


You should leave when more of your days are spent crying than laughing.


You should leave when you stop feeling like you can open up to them and tell them personal things.


You should leave when you keep having the same fights over and over without getting anywhere.


You should leave when you start resenting them for the things you once loved about them.


You should leave when you start relying on someone else to meet your physical or emotional needs.


You should leave when they grow in a different direction than you, and you can’t recognize them anymore. TC mark

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