What Each Zodiac Sign Is Too Scared To Admit

What Each Zodiac Sign Is Too Scared To Admit


You aren’t okay on your own and need help.


You aren’t happy and need to change your direction.


You aren’t confident in yourself and are worried you’re going to fail.


You aren’t okay with who you are as a person and need to learn to love yourself.

For the person who is always googling astrological compatibility when they meet someone new.
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For the person who is always googling astrological compatibility when they meet someone new.

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You aren’t content with your career and want to embark on something new.


You don’t know what you’re doing and are figuring it out as you go along.


You aren’t optimistic about the future and are worried everything is going to fall apart.


You aren’t brave and are terrified of what you’re about to face.


You aren’t on the right path and need to reevaluate your priorities.


You aren’t proud of yourself and want to do more with your life.


You aren’t at peace and need to find a way to move on from your past.


You aren’t happy on your own and want to find love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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