What Each Zodiac Sign Does When They Can't Get Their Ex Off Their Mind

What Each Zodiac Sign Does When They Can’t Get Their Ex Off Their Mind


You give into temptation and text them.


You watch romantic comedies and cry about how you want a love that’s real.


You hop onto a dating app to find someone new to occupy your time.


You stalk their social media and get self-conscious about the new person they’re dating.

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You post cute pictures in the hopes they’re missing you too and will strike up a conversation when they see how good you look.


You rant to your friends about how much you miss your ex and hope they’ll talk you out of getting back together with that person.


You show up somewhere your ex likes to spend time in the hopes of running into them.


You open a bottle of wine and get drunk.


You hook up with the first person who shows interest in you, hoping to move on.


You distract yourself with work.


You read through old texts and look at old photos.


You go out with your friends to distract yourself. TC mark

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