The Worst Part About Being Friends With Each Zodiac Sign

The Worst Part About Being Friends With Each Zodiac Sign


You’re inconsistent. Sometimes you’ll text back within seconds. Sometimes you won’t answer for days.


You’re clingy. Once you make a friend, you want to do everything together. You never want to spend any time apart.


You’re flaky. You make a lot of plans — but you have a tendency to cancel them at the last second.


You’re a homebody. You never want to leave the house. You turn down most invitations out and keep to yourself.


You’re super competitive. It’s hard for you to be genuinely happy over a friend’s success because you feel like you’re falling behind them.


You’re the leader of the group. You want to do things your way. You never compromise.


You’re too nice. You always let other people make the decisions so they never know how you really feel. Your mind is a mystery to them.


You’re restless. You have no interest in sitting around and talking about your thoughts and feelings. You want to do something more exciting.


You’re stubborn. Once you’ve formed an opinion, you aren’t going to change your mind. You refuse to budge.


You’re unapologetically honest. You tell it like it is without stopping to think about whether you might be hurting a friend’s feelings.


You’re lazy. You never plan hangout sessions or send the first text. You wait for others to do the work for you.


You’re a busy bee. You’re never in the same place for long. You’re always running around, so it’s hard for you to make time for all your friends. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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