How Each Zodiac Has Changed Since The Start Of 2020

How Each Zodiac Has Changed Since The Start Of 2020


You are more appreciative of your family and friends. You care about your loved ones more than ever before.


You are stronger now. You’ve endured a lot and have learned a lot.


You are more laidback now. You understand you can’t control everything and need to go with the flow.


You try your hardest to live in the moment now. You appreciate good things while they last.

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You are more vocal about your feelings now. You don’t want to regret leaving words unsaid to people who matter.


You are less judgmental now. You know everyone is going through a lot and don’t want to make things harder on them.


You are more self-aware now. You recognize your flaws and are actively working on them.


You are more introspective now. You’ve done a lot of thinking about your life and what matters the most to you.


You are more generous now. You would help anyone who needs a friend.


You are more social now. You miss your friends and can’t wait to see them again.


You are more confident now. You have grown to love yourself and dwell less on your insecurities.


You are more mature now. You can take care of yourself. You can survive on your own. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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