How Each Zodiac Feels About Friends With Benefits

How Each Zodiac Feels About Friends With Benefits


They are wild and passionate. They are up for anything, including a FWB relationship. And if they get their heart broken, they won’t show it.


They value friendship over sex. They wouldn’t risk getting into a FWB relationship with someone they care about deeply.


They aren’t the type to settle down, so being FWB is actually a great compromise for them. It gives them everything they want without taking away their freedom.


They couldn’t handle a FWB relationship. They are only interested in something real. Something permanent.


They aren’t good at sharing. They are too selfish. They wouldn’t want their FWB to sleep with anyone else.


They are surprisingly old-fashioned. They want a committed relationship, not a fling. They’re not against casual sex, but they would much rather be with someone special.


They love flirting. They love ego boosts. They love being admired. They love the idea of FWBs.


They get jealous easily, so FWB would only cause problems. They would be miserable most of the time.


They are up for anything, so they would happily agree to a FWB relationship. As long as they found the right person.


They aren’t going to let someone into their life unless they deem that person important, so FWB isn’t going to work.


They wouldn’t want to make things complicated. Either you’re together or you’re not. They don’t want anything in between.


If they got into a FWB relationship, they would probably end up falling in love with the other person. It would probably end in a romance (or heartbreak). Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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