What Each Zodiac Sign Worries About The Most In Relationships

What Each Zodiac Sign Worries About The Most In Relationships


You worry about opening yourself up emotionally to someone who might leave eventually.


You worry about not being enough in comparison to your partner’s exes.


You worry about your partner growing bored of you.


You worry about getting tricked or betrayed without realizing it, and looking like a fool.

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You worry about showing someone else the real you and getting judged over it.


You worry about chasing someone important away by being closed off about your feelings.


You worry about growing too attached to the wrong person.


You worry about missing out on love by being too timid.


You worry about trusting the wrong person and having your heart broken.


You worry about making a stupid mistake that ruins the best thing that ever happened to you.


You worry about committing yourself to the wrong person too early in life.


You worry about wasting years of your life chasing after the wrong person. TC mark

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