How Each Zodiac Sign Shows Their Appreciation For Their Friends

How Each Zodiac Sign Shows Their Appreciation For Their Friends


You hype them up and give them pep talks. You’re always complimenting them on how gorgeous they are and how much you love them.


You go all out on their birthdays. You buy (or make) them the sweetest, most sentimental gifts.


You invite them with you everywhere you go — concerts, restaurants, vacations. You always extend an offer to them because you hate spending time apart.


You help them whenever they need a favor — without expecting anything in return. You are always volunteering to drive them around and help them with chores.

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You send them song lyrics, articles, memes, and TikToks that remind you of them, so they know they’re always on your mind.


You’re affectionate. You give them long bear hugs whenever you see them. You might even cuddle.


You send them regular texts to check in on how they’ve been doing. And you never go a holiday or a birthday without calling them.


You always act as their wingman. You talk them up to everyone you meet because you have so many good things to say.


You celebrate all their accomplishments with them. You’re the first to tell them congratulations.


You treat them to food and drinks. You cover the costs whenever you go out together.


You write them cute little notes, texts, and poems. You’re very vocal about your feelings.


You say thank you, I love you, and I appreciate you all the time. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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