How Each Zodiac Sign Handles It When Something Small Goes Wrong

How Each Zodiac Sign Handles It When Something Small Goes Wrong


You act like you aren’t bothered on the outside and freak out internally.


You ask others to help you and try to get advice from everyone you meet.


You act quickly and make a split second decision, and then change your mind five minutes later.


You find a private place to cry until the frustration is out of your system.


You stubbornly try to solve the problem on your own and push away anyone who tries to help.


You dedicate all of your time to finding a solution — and can’t get any rest until the problem is solved.


You spend some time alone reflecting in order to seek the answer.


You act like it’s the end of the world and complain about how much you hate your life.


You push the problem to the back of your mind and decide to deal with it later.


You spend a long time thinking through the problem and trying to work out a way to prevent it again in the future.


You don’t let it bother you. It rolls right off your back.


You expect Google to have the answer for you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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