What Each Zodiac Sign Should Stop Lying About In May 2020

What Each Zodiac Sign Should Stop Lying About In May 2020


Stop lying about how you don’t care about anything or anyone in order to ‘protect’ yourself.


Stop lying about your feelings for someone because you’re worried they don’t feel the same way.


Stop lying about (and faking) your orgasms in order to make someone else more comfortable.


Stop lying about your personal opinion in order to avoid arguments.

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Stop lying about how you’ve been because you don’t want to burden anyone with the truth.


Stop lying about your crushes because you’re afraid to put yourself out there.


Stop lying about your happiness in a relationship when you are secretly unsatisfied.


Stop lying about your mental health because you don’t want anyone to worry about you.


Stop lying about what you want, simply because you’re scared to admit the truth.


Stop lying about having your shit together when you’re terrified and unsure about what comes next.


Stop lying about being able to handle everything on your own when you really need help.


Stop lying about being perfectly fine when your feelings have been hurt. TC mark

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