How Each Zodiac Sign Shows Love From Afar

How Each Zodiac Sign Shows Love From Afar


They send you songs and playlists to show you how much you mean to them.


They text you every few minutes about whatever random thing in on their mind so it feels like they’re there with you.


They watch shows and movies at the same time as you, so you can talk about them from afar.


They send you care packages with your favorite snacks and goodies.

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They actually talk to you on the phone (for hours on end).


They plan virtual dates where you both dress up and drink.


They send you selfies, along with plenty of photos of what they’re currently eating or cooking.


They play video games with you online.


They text you daily reminders about how much they love you and miss you.


They plan out activities for you to do together in the future.


They Facetime with you every single day, even when they look like a mess.


They send you flowers or teddy bears or fruit baskets as surprises. TC mark

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