How Each Zodiac Sign Acts On The Verge Of A Breakdown

How Each Zodiac Sign Acts On The Verge Of A Breakdown


They completely shut down, get silent, and stop joking around all the time.


They wake up late. They fall asleep early. It’s a chore for them to leave their bed.


They burst into tears over every little inconvenience, no matter how small.


They withdraw, stop telling people things, stop putting themselves in social situations.


They rant constantly. Every word out of their mouth is a complaint about how miserable they are.


They dive headfirst into an activity (like knitting or cooking or cleaning) in order to distract themselves.


They surround themselves with other people as much as possible so they’re never alone with their spiraling thoughts.


Their anger flares up whenever the slightest thing goes wrong.


They give up on whatever goal they were working toward, they stop trying, they stop caring.


They go off the grid. They don’t go out, they don’t answer texts, they don’t make themselves contactable.


They become overly pessimistic. They only talk about the bad in the world, never the good.


They tear up whenever they see something cute or heartwarming or sad. They lose control of their emotions. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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